What makes our newsletter different?


We use an algorithmic "Smart Search" to curate content, built upon an index of key words, 24-hour trends, and social buzz from leading news outlets.


We aggregate across social media, finding the "buzz"  from Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and more. We identify what is shared and talked about the most so you don't miss anything important. We don't just push stories from our own writers.


We tell you why it matters. You'll get a summary, and a "So what" that you can use to research more or develop your opinion on the news. Spend less time aggregating and more time analyzing.


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Why do we deserve your attention?

Breakfast Blocks focuses on the "so what?" and provides the component of analysis that is lacking  from major competitors.

We don't just push a feed of articles from our own writers. We don't just summarize bullets from top stories. We want to change the way you interact with crypto news from the moment you wake up.

Intelligent curation with simple explanation. Thats Breakfast Blocks.